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Custom Magnets

CUSTOM MAGNETS! It's what we do, it's what we enjoy doing, it is an artistic outlet! We are excited to turn your image into a beautiful & functional magnet.


Beautiful? Yes beautiful! All of our magnets are coated with a crystal clear lamination that makes your image pop. If you are looking for a subtle look, we can also finish your magnet using a silky matte film. Either finish will add protection to the print and get your magnet noticed.

Functional? Yes functional! Many of the economical magnets offered online employ a printable magnet material, the magnets are thin and at best barely hold themselves onto a metal surface. A functional magnet has the thickness & strength to grab a metal surface & also hold up other items. If it can't hold up another photo or your grocery list, will someone really keep it?

If you don't see your magnet size in our pricing grid, just send us a note! We can accommodate your needs!


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